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The ‘Leading Effective Meetings’ method has become a standard operating procedure for our organization

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Meeting Management Training


Do you want your meeting leaders in the organization to…


We offer three on-site training options:

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  1. BulletBasic foundation and skills for leading meetings.

  2. Tools for engaging meeting participants in decision making and idea generation.

8-hour training, includes:

  1. All of the above

  2. Every participant leads a mock meeting and is provided with feedback. 

  3. Also included are strategies for dealing with difficult situations, such as someone dominating the meeting.

2-day training, includes:

  1. All of the above

  2. Additional opportunities to lead mock meetings, and

  3. BulletAdvanced facilitation skills tools and tips.

Your Meeting Attendees Will Say:
“Great Meeting!”
  1. BulletUse tools to make their meetings more productive and interactive?

  2. BulletMake decisions collectively?

  3. BulletEncourage creative thinking?

  4. BulletCreate effective, time-savings agendas?

  5. BulletFocus the meeting attendees as a leader?

  6. BulletBe able to deal with meeting distractions and distractors?

  7. BulletFacilitate their meetings like a pro?

  8. BulletDevelop team collaboration?

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We make great meeting leaders

Your Meeting Attendees Will Say:
“Great Meeting!”
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